11:00am - 8:45pm
  • A) Baked Fish Fillet Cutlet and Cheese w/ Cream Sauce on Rice 17.00
  • B) Baked Chicken Steak in Honey & Garlic Sauce on Rice 16.50
  • C) Pork Chop Cutlet & Egg in Terriyaki Sauce on Rice 17.50
  • D) Baked Beef & Cheese Spaghetti w/ Tomato Sauce 14.50
  • E) Baked Pork Chop & Cheese w/ Tomato & Cream Sauce on Rice 16.50
  • F) Chicken Steak & Pork Chop w/ Gravy Sauce on Rice 16.50
  • G) Baked Chicken Steak Cutlet & Egg on Rice w/Tomato Sauce 17.50
  • H) medium Spicy Pork Chop w/ Maggi Sauce on Rice 15.50
  • I) mild Instant Noodle w/ Satay Beef & Egg in Soup 10.00
  • J) Spaghetti w/ Ham & Pork Chop in Soup 10.75
  • K) medium Fish Fillet w/ Spicy Pickled Mustard in Soup (Vermicelli or Rice) 15.00
  • L) medium Pork Chop Cutlet and Udon in Curry Soup 14.50
  • M) Baked Ox Tongue In Tomato Sauce w/ Cheese On Rice 17.50
  • N) Baked Smoked Duck Breast In Garlic Sauce On Rice 16.50
  • O) mild Pad Thai (W/ Shrimp, Chicken, Bean Sprout) (*Roasted Peanuts) 16.00
  • P) mild Malaysian Curry Ox Tongue On Rice 18.50
Combo Serve with Hot HK Tea /Hot Coffee /Hot Coffee & Tea /Hot Lemon Tea /Hot Lemon Water or Pop /Spring Water
(Change to Cold Drink, +$1.75)

Photos for reference only, subject to actual food cooked. Please Advise us of any food allergies.